Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dracula's Dentures

For years now, The Girl has been wanting me to let her take treats to her class Halloween party. I love Halloween, but this is never a good time of the year for me to try to add in anything, no matter how small.

This year, somehow, she talked me into it. We then hem-hawed around, putting it off until finally, this morning, we sat down to figure out what to make.

I get a newsletter from Nestle and these adorable treats were apart of last weeks update. The Kids fell in love and we ended up making these.

You need some cookies. Of course, Nestle wants you to use chocolate chip, so we did. Next time (and I'm sure there will be a next time with these) I think I will use sugar cookies. The chocolate chips just add in a whole new dimension of mess to this project.

You also need cookies that are more or less round so they match up. You could even (gasp!) use store bought cookies. Either way, they need to be pretty big. About three inches across is good.

Cut a cookie in half.
Spread a nice layer of red tinted frosting onto both halves.
Add mini marshmallows in a semicircle along the front edge to create the teeth. Another one in the middle helps to stabilize the whole thing.
Put the two cookie halves together to form a mouth.
Slivered almonds on either side of the two front teeth make the fangs.

These are the cutest scary cookies ever. They are really simple to make. Kind of messy and not really quick, but not difficult, either. So far, everyone who has seen them have laughed out loud.

Click here for Printable Recipe

Dracula’s Dentures
24 - 3 inch round cookies
1/2 cup prepared vanilla frosting, tinted red or pink
1 3/4 cups miniature marshmallows
48 (about 1 tablespoon) blanched slivered almonds

Cut each cookie in half for a total of 48 halves.
Frost bottoms of all cookie halves with frosting. Place 6 marshmallow teeth around curved perimeter of 24 halves. Top with remaining 24 halves. For additional support, an additional marshmallow can be placed behind the teeth. Insert two almond slivers in between teeth for fangs. If fangs do not adhere, dip tips into frosting.