Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh the Sadness...

In case you haven't noticed, a good portion of my pictures are gone. (Cue violin music) Sadness! Depression! Confusion!

I have NO IDEA where they went. I have no idea how to get them back. My mom actually said something to me awhile back that she wasn't getting any pictures to come through when she opened it, when I checked, there were pictures there. Hmmmm....

At this point, I can't sit down to do a more thorough search. I have a tech call into my brother, who probably won't answer for a few weeks. I think he is on his way to Florida right now. He was in Oklahoma last week. And he NEVER answers his phone. Though he denies it, I know he screens my calls.

So, until I locate the pictures (or remake everything and take new ones!) I'll just have to leave you with an apology. And some tears :(

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