Friday, July 29, 2011

August 2011 Menu

I was doing so good there for awhile posting an entire month of menus. And then track started. And then summer started. I was pretty lucky to get in a day ahead, let alone thirty of them.

I have had some down time being out of town the last few weeks and so I got on the ball and made out a plan for August. School's going to start before I know it and I have so much to do before then. And I'm also back on my once-a-month-trip to Wal-Mart goal. This helped so much I can't even tell you.

August Suppers
Pork Abodo
Fish Tacos
BBQ Chicken Wraps
Hamburger Stroganoff
Pot Roast

Cream Cheese Chicken

Spagetti and Meatballs

Brown Sugar Chicken

Fish Sticks
Crock Pot Sweet and Sour Chicken

Snack and Desserts
Jello Cream Cake
White Chocolate Strawberry Chunk Cookies

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